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Joy A. Booker-Thornton, CEO of C2 Productions which stands for (Creating.The.Way.Out), was founded C2P in 2010 with the belief that providing participating individuals with an exceptional event experience, one that immerses them in a world of class, fantasy, and impeccable customer service, would not only  exceed their expectations and influence continued support, but will ignite a perspective that could very well, change the trajectory of their lives. 


Her keen sense for marketing strategies and designing concepts has positioned her to work with some of the industry’s most influential companies, such as, The Right Productions, a production company that houses annual celebrity concerts at The Aretha Amphitheater in Detroit, MI. She also received accolades for producing formal Piston’s Player, Andre Drummonds, 21st Birthday Celebration on The Detroit Princess Boat. Since her youth, her strong passion for outreach has been recognized by the City of Detroit. Her dedication and contribution to her community has resulted in her being honored with four Spirit of Detroit Awards.


She and her mentor and business partner, Paul Glantz, now prepare for their joint ventures which will create a plethora of benefits, such as,

  • Increasing the awareness and profitability for celebrities by gaining the attraction of established record labels, sponsors and promoters.

  • Increasing the diversity and revenue for participating business associates through our unique strategies which are designed to appeal to the buying power of our target demographic. 

  • Depositing impactful and thought-provoking messages to our consumers through our interactive and unique presentations.

  • Strengthening political and business relationships both regionally and nationally.

  • Reinstating the standard business models that emphasizes the integrity and respect that are essential when welcoming and serving celebrities, patrons, and business associates.


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C2 Productions (Creating.The.Way.Out), is a concept developmental production company that’s designed to create concepts and strategies for the outcome to uniquely increase revenue for Celebrities, shareholders and sponsors, by providing competitive pricing for luxurious, themed concerts and events with rare celebrity features and collaborations. We also provide impactful feature opportunities to local and national business owners that have an interest in participating in Celebrity Events. With the number of uncanny circumstances that has abruptly produced a severe emotional impact within our nation, affecting the liberty of socialization and physical interactions amongst consumers, C2 Productions deems it an essential commitment to present a series of positive and sensational entertainment through the platform of concerts, events, and celebrity interviews. These platforms are strategically designed to create a plethora of benefits, such as, increasing the awareness and revenue for participating sponsors and businesses, gaining the attention and interest of established record labels and A-List celebrities, strengthen political relationships within the community, providing rare opportunities to local and regional businesses, entrepreneurs, and entertainers, igniting a participation urgency to prospect ticket buyers, impart a strong sense of desire to support the featured celebrities and sponsors, and provide preferred shares for shareholders.

In 2020, Lady J founded Glasses After Dark, featured on select Thursdays, is a virtual live show, which was created to engage viewers through transparent conversations with a variety of celebrities, influencers, and entertainers; all the while promoting participating sponsors. Perspectives After Dark is an extension of GAD, featured on selected Tuesday Nights, to discuss raw and controversial topics.

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glasses after dark

Lady J  C2 Productions LLC  CEO

Paul Glantz, Chairman of Emagine Entertainment and principal of 303 Management, Inc. is a seasoned executive who has focused his efforts on building entrepreneurial businesses over the last 35 years.  Currently, he has a passion for helping to mentor future entrepreneurs.  His resume of accomplishments includes, but is not limited to, the following:


• While serving as CFO of a closely-held specialty insurance agency, he helped propel the value from less than $1 million to over $50 million and ultimately quarterbacked the sale of the business to a NYSE listed publicly-traded broker.


• Serving as President of the business unit subsequent to its sale to the NYSE firm, he held the record at the time for generating the largest single year operating profit of any of the company’s subsidiaries.


• Starting with a single screen in 1989, he has led the growth of Emagine Entertainment to become the 9th largest exhibitor in North America.  Today, it is comprised of 28 locations, 30,068 seats and 342 screens.


• Making Emagine known as a luxury innovator in the industry, the chain now is recognized for its upscale food and beverage offerings, heated reclining chairs, specialty bowling center, concert offerings and some of the largest screens in North America.

paul a. glantz

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